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Apple Ipod Shuffle

Please note the iPod Shuffle was discontinued by Apple on 27 July 2017.

The Apple iPod Shuffle was a tiny MP3 player designed to be the world's most wearable music player. Named the iPod Shuffle because it had a random play mode, the iPod Shuffle was a very affordable way to get music on the go, and the price included distinctive white Apple earphones and a USB dock. Despite its tiny size, it could still store hundreds of songs, and as with other mp3 players, the iPod Shuffle was skip-free, making it the perfect entertainment system for your run or gym session.

You controlled the songs on the iPod Shuffle by connecting it to your Mac or PC computer via the USB dock. On the computer, the Apple iTunes software was used to manage which songs were transferred to your iPod Shuffle, making it easy for you to keep your portable music selection bang up to date.

You could also use the iPod Shuffle as a USB pen to store data, pictures or movies.

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