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Celebrity Love Island

Welcome to our Celebrity Love Island page. My goodness, life being a celebrity can be tough sometimes, can't it? Fancy having to spend your days lounging around on an exotic island with beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful people, and getting paid for it. If you love Celebrity Love Island as much as we do, make sure you've got a Freeview box so that you can catch the Aftersun Special on ITV2 as well.

Archives from Celebrity Love Island 2005

Mon 20th June Update - Fran Cosgrave and Jayne Middlemiss have won Celebrity Love Island. Fran was physically shaking and shocked at winning.

In the last daytrips of the series, Jayne went abseiling with Fran, where she managed to hang upside down off the side of the cliff, and Liz and Lee went on a tall ship trip, where they had to climb to the crow's nest, which totally terrified Liz.

Lee has said Jayne is like the big sister he never had, and Liz is like his little sister and he loves her to bits. Both the girls like Lee, but it seems there's no romantic interest for him.

After the Love Island experience, Fran has said he wants to have someone special to share his life with. He said of Liz that she has all the qualities he'd look for in a girl, i.e. she's trustworthy, reliable and beautiful. However, the fact that Fran used to go out with Liz's best friend stopped them getting together on the Love Island.

A fireworks display marked the final night on the Love Island.

Sun 19th June Update - Fran Cosgrave has been saying how different he feels after staying on the Love Island. He says he's managed to relax, has loved the Fijian sunsets, and can see himself making room for someone else in his life. Ah, bless. Only four days to go now, and Fran has to be one of our favourites to win.

Fri 17th June Update - Liz McClarnon and Lee Sharpe had a high climbing task. Both Liz and Lee found it a fairly scary experience, having to climb up a 30 foot telegraph pole and then leap onto a trapeze. Lee had to imagine the trapeze was a bar stall to summon the courage to jump for it. Unfortunately for Liz she managed to miss the trapeze completely, and got badly shaken up. She then couldn't do the next task, climbing a 50 foot tree. However, when Lee joked "We don't want Manchester United beating Everton", it was enough to galvanise Liz into action and she managed to overcome her fear.

Isabella Hervey proved in this show that she isn't the world's greatest dancer, but she does perform with gusto nevertheless, even if it is somewhat uncoordinated. She has been evicted along with her love interest Paul Danan, who she claims is "controlled by his trousers" and she sees them remaining the best of friends but no more.

Abi Titmuss said she wanted to be kept in because of her and not because she's in a couple. She has been tempering Lee's advances, saying "My parents are watching". In a task where the contestants had to line up in order of their public appearance fees, Abi said that she makes £25,000 for an hours work opening a nightclub, but we think she was exaggerating somewhat just to get on the Day Trip.

Thurs 16th June Update - Celebrity Love Island has gone a bit Big Brother when the celebrities were deprived food for taking off their microphones. Isabella Hervey has forgiven Paul Danan for his dalliance with Nikki Ziering, and is back in lovey dovey mode on her daytrip with Paul (we think she's a bit gullible when it comes to Paul, considering he was declaring he could marry Nikki within a few hours of meeting her).

Abi Titmuss and Lee Sharpe are continuing their holiday romance. However, a cynical Jayne Middlemiss thinks it's all being done to win.

Nikki Ziering said she was ready to leave the Love Island, but the other girls are still loving the experience. Isabella Hervey told us "For the first time in my life I know who I am and the person I want to be" and Jayne Middlemiss said "The experience is just unbelievable. I'm just loving it so much".

Nikki Ziering and Isabella Hervey were the last ones left for the eviction, and Isabella couldn't resist a little smile when Nikki lost out. On her leaving interview with Patrick Kielty and Kelly Brooke, Nikki said "Paul and Isabella have such a beautiful friendship, I would like to see them hook-up because I was thinking Paul was a bit young for me". That's despite Nikki confessing she had a "thing" for Englishmen. Watch out England.

Weds 15th June Update - Paul Danan doesn't want to get too attached to Nikki Ziering because she lives in America. However, Nikki still thinks Paul is someone special. Isabella doesn't know how she feels. Fran and Jayne have been off on the day trip, to a beautiful grotto. Jayne struggled with her claustrophobia when she had to go through an underwater entrance to a new cave, but was reassured by Fran, and said she was thrilled to have faced her fear.

Abi thinks Lee would be good marriage material, and wants to see him once Celebrity Love Island is over.

In the eviction, Rebecca Loos was up against Nikki Ziering, and it was Rebecca who lost and had to leave the Love Island. Is it just us or has anyone else noticed how incredibly shallow the water is when the taxi boat speeds off? We're always concerned they might hit the reef ...

Sun 13th June Update - Last time we checked in on the Love Island, Fran and Jayne were having a big discussion about careers and life, with Fran telling Jayne about his new music project, and talking about his days working security for Westlife.

Sun 12th June Update - Abi and Lee have got it together, enjoying a snog. Jayne was keen to go into the Love Shack, as she still hasn't done this, but is yet to get her hands on Fran.

Sat 11th June Update - Fran Cosgrove and Jayne Middlemiss are getting it together. Jayne says she likes it when Fran throws her about, probably not too difficult for him considering the Irishman's penchant for working out.

Paul Danan has tonsilitis, but is being looked after by the nurse dream team of Nikki Ziering and Isabella Hervey. A classic quote from Paul was "If you're going to be ill, be ill looking at the ocean, with a playboy model looking after you, you can't get better than that." Nikki doesn't mind being his nurse as she says she's had her tonsils removed so she should be okay. Isabella also likes playing at nurse, saying she enjoys looking after people she cares for.

Calum Best was evicted today. The ladies all felt he was a gentleman on the Love Island, and lots of fun too. Now that he's gone, he says he'll be rooting for Fran, Lee, Becca and Abi.

Fri 10th June Update - A tropical storm hit the Love Island, so the live eviction show had to be abandoned. It might have been a chance for new special friends Paul Danan and Nikki Ziering to get some privacy. They have already been making trips off to the shower together, and have spent the night together in the same room as the other Love Island contestants. It must be all a bit much for Fran Cosgrove, who seemed to take a shine to Nikki when she first arrived, but he's trying to put a brave face on it, saying "Fair play to him". However, others aren't taking it so well, in particular Isabella Hervey, who was saying "Did you hear it as well? Did they have sex? In the bed? Don't people have any respect for themselves?".

Weds 8th June Update - Nikki Ziering and Paul Danan been getting to know one another better. They've already been touchy feely whilst lying on a bed together, and Nikki and Paul have told one another they "like love". Isabella is still out in the cold and looking dejected.

Tues 7th June Update - Oh dear, true to form Paul Danan has taken one look at newcomer Nikki and forgotten all about Isabella. Needless to say, Isabella is not a happy bunny, and has given Paul a piece of her mind when on a day trip together, saying, "You're a boy and I need a man".

Elsewhere, Fran has been waterskiing with Liz. However, the competitive Fran had a lot of difficulty mastering it, and his pride took a knock. Still, they had a good time.

Nikki and Lee have been voted into the Love Shack, and the Titmuss isn't happy about it. She was pretty keen to visit the Love Shack with Mr Sharpe, and was more than a bit put out to see the newcomer ruin her plans. Generally Abi seems to be feeling somewhat unloved at the moment.

Sat 4th June 2005 Update - All the celebrities seem to be having a lovely time. All of them are saying what a great experience they are having and how they really don't want to leave. Unfortunately, someone has to, and today it was the turn of Big Friendly Giant Du'aine Ladejo. Lady Isabella Hervey was so upset that she might have been evicted that she had to be consoled by Paul, who has been allowed back onto the island but has vowed to keep his drinking under better control. Isabella certainly seems to be taking more of a shine to Paul these days - it seems Paul might be winner her round. However, a shake up is happening tomorrow, with the arrival of Hollywood actress and ex Playboy model Nikki Ziering. You might have seen this girl presenting on T4 along with Vernon Kay. One thing's for sure, she's a class act, so let's hope our man Paul doesn't blow his chances with Bella by chasing after the new arrival.

Fri 3rd June 2005 Update - It's all been kicking off and heating up on the Celebrity Love Island. Paul and Fran nearly came to blows, and security had to intervene and stick Paul in the beach hut for the night. Meanwhile, Rachel Loos and Calum Best have been sharing some intimate moments away from the cameras, craftily removing their microphones and popping off to the loo together.

Tues 31st May 2005 Update - Paul is still trying to woo Isabella, but his drinking antics won't do him any favours as Isabella has told us how shocking she finds him when he's had a few. Still, Paul isn't a man to give up easily and was trying to cuddle her in bed last night, but Isabella was having none of it, rolling away and telling him she had cramp.

Tues 31st May 2005 Update- It has been fireworks between Abi Titmuss and Paul Danan as they fell out after a daytrip. Abi questionned Paul's celebrity status, and Paul responded with a savage attack about how Abi became a celebrity, i.e. fake boobs and internet video. One thing's for sure, Paul can certainly launch into the insults when he wants too, and he wasn't holiding back with the language. Still, Paul has now made an apology to Abi and she has said she is prepared to forgive him.

Sat 28th May Update - Abi Titmuss has been getting upset about Calum Best and Rebecca Loos' romance. She obviously had the hots for Calum and is upset to see her friends getting together. However, Paul Danan is making the most of it by giving Abi some consolation attention. Lee Sharpe and Jayne Middlemiss, thought by the group to be leaving the island for good, were in fact dispatched on a luxury yacht to see if they could make a go of things.

On tonight's episode, the celebrities discussed where they'd like to be in 5 years time. Michael Greco doesn't get a buzz from acting anymore and wants to be a director, Liz McClarnon has a fantasy about sitting at a piano with the curtains billowing and being with someone who loves what she hates about herself, Paul Danan wants to be married with kids and Lady Isabella Hervey wants to be living in the country with horses, cats and lots of other animals.

Thurs 27th May Update - The contestants have been celebrating Lee Sharpe's birthday with a school disco themed party. Rebecca Loos and Calum Best slipped away from the main party to get to know each other better, enjoying a snog and slow dance to 'Wonderful Tonight'.

Weds 26th May Update - Calum Best and Rebecca Loos appear to be getting on famously. They both seem quite keen on one another and Rebecca climbed into Calum's bed. Meanwhile, Michael Greco has been falling out with Abi Titmuss, saying to her face "I've never met someone so up her own a*!e", whilst off camera saying nice things about her. What's Michael up to we wonder? Abi is definitely getting upset by him though.

We also noticed today that Paul Danan has shaved his mohican off. He obviously didn't appreciate Fran's hairdressing skills.

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