Apple Computers

Apple computers represent the main alternative to getting a PC. Many people enthuse about Apple computers, praising their great usability, slick operation and thoughtful design. They're certainly very capable machines, and the next generation of Apple computers will also allow increasing interoperability with PCs. Apple computers are particularly good for graphic design, music production and video editing.

Since the company's foundation in 1976, Apple computers have built up a reputation for innovation. It was Apple that introduced the first computer to use a graphical interface in 1983, and with the introduction of the Apple Macintosh in 1984, the first computer to have a mouse. With continuing innovation and a "Think Different" culture, Apple computers have continued to impress, and the company has now brought this approach to the portable music market, with its hugely successful iPod. Apple has built up a high level of devotion to the brand amonst its users, which has become known as the "Cult of Mac", where users regard the use of Apple computers and products as part of their lifestyle. You'll find the full range of Apple computers at the Apple Store UK (see below for links).

Top UK Sites for Apple Computers
Apple Store UK

Top UK Sites for Apple Computers
Apple Store UK

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