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Digifusion FVRT100 Freeview PVR

Digifusion FVRT100 Freeview PVRThe Digifusion FVRT100 is a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) ideal for receiving and recording Freeview. It's inbuilt 40Gb hard drive can record over 20 hours of programming on its highest quality mode, so there's no more need for video tapes, and the quality of your recording will never degrade, with all your recordings displayed for you in an onscreen menu. In high quality mode you won't be able to tell the difference between the recording and the original broadcast. Having an inbuilt hard drive in this PVR also means you can pause live TV, and it automatically records the last 30 minutes of the channel you have been watching, allowing you to rewind if you miss something.

You'll find the Digifusion FVRT100 has good build quality, the unit is relatively quiet, and both picture and sound quality are excellent. As it has twin digital tuners, you can record one channel whilst you watch another, or record two different channels simultaneously. This unit is well worth your consideration if you are looking for a reasonably priced Freeview PVR.

Digifusion FVRT100 PVR Features

Description Freeview/DAB Radio receiver and PVR with inbuilt hard drive
Dimensions 360mm x 47mm x 245mm
Hard Disk Size 40Gb (20 hours recording at highest quality setting)
Twin Digital Tuners Yes - allows you to record one Freeview channel whilst watching another, or to record two different channels simultaneously whilst watching a previous recording.
Pause and Rewind the Channel You've Been Watching Yes. You can rewind the channel you have been watching for up to 30 minutes.
Recording Features Use the 7 Day EPG to set recordings up to 7 Days in advance

Dual Record - record two channels simultaneously, whilst watching one of your previous recordings

Where to buy a Digifusion FVRT100 PVR
Where to buy a Digifusion FVRT100 PVR

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