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Possible .eu Domain Registrars for UK Internet Users

Please note the comments are very subjective, you should do your own research when deciding on which .eu registrar to use. This table is intended as a useful resource for those considering registering .eu domains during the landrush. Please contact us if you have any comments.

Domain Name Landrush Comments (note these are very subjective) Free pre-registration

£10.45 inc VAT yearly Free pre-registration

$19.95 / year Free pre-registration

€20/year £35 for pre-registration
£20 refunded if unsuccessful
Robust and reliable but not particularly fast. £69 and £5 + VAT non-refundable adminstration fee. Com Laude Service Charge (£30, $55, €45) + if application successful, EURid Reg Fee (£7, $13, €10)
Look to be small boutique outfit, probably good for Sunrise II applications
£10+VAT pre-registration application fee and a £14+VAT domain name registration fee (one year only).

Also operate a Premium Landrush Submission Service for £100+VAT pre-registration application fee and a £14+VAT domain name registration fee (one year only). This queue is submitted first.

In both cases, the registration fee is refunded if the application is unsuccessful.
Good level of information on their website.

Quite expensive. Pre-registration admin fee £25 ex VAT, Annual fee £12 ex VAT.
Total cost inc VAT = £ 43.48
Annual fee, i.e. £12 + VAT refunded if unsuccessful. Landrush Administration Fee (Non-Refundable) £6.99
1 Yr Domain Registration Fee (Inc. NIC Fee) £16.99
If unsuccessful, the Domain Registration Fee will be refunded in total. £29 for one year.

Offer a full refund if unsuccessful.
Professional-looking website. Probably reliable but didn't sound as though they were geared up for speed of submission.   Related to Tiscali?

Difficult to work out pricing for Landrush from website. "Go Live" Standard Queue Fee $9.95

"Go Live" VIP Queue Fee $299.95

1 Year Registration Fee will be assessed upon successful Validation per domain
(plus applicable taxes).*

*As at 12-Mar-2006 we could not see details of registration fees on their website.
Appear to be late in offering their .eu registration service. Are running a standard Landrush queue as well as a premium Landrush queue. May possibly be an advantage in using them as they might have fewer pre-registrations in their queue than other European registrars.

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