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Humax Lgb 32Tpvr Review

Welcome to our Humax LGB 32TPVR review. Humax has scored a first with this model as it is the first IDTV (integrated digital TV) that incorporates a PVR (Personal Video Recorder or tape-less video recorder). So, the LGB 32TPVR offers consumers a 32" LCD TV, a freeview receiver and personal video recorder in one. In fact the LGB 32TPVR contains twin freeview digital tuners, which allow you to watch one channel whilst recording another. Digital TV recording is taken care of by an internal 40Gb hard drive, which gives approximately 44 hours of recording.


The LCD screen displays in 16:9 widescreen format, and displays 1366 x 768 pixels. Other notable features of the Humax LGB 32TPVR include:

- Multiple channel display - has Picture in Picture and Dual Screen functions.

- Live pause allows you to pause the live TV programme you are watching.

· The Freeview 8-day EPG - tells you what's on TV for the next eight days and allows you to select programmes for recording.

- Instant Rewind allows you to rewind the channel you have been watching.

- Virtual surround sound (Multi-functional SRS TruSurroundXT) which creates a surround sound effect without needing the multi-speaker set up.

- 3x SCART sockets

- 2 Remote controls, a Support Remote Control for children and the elderly, in addition to the multi-functional main remote

- Support for PC grade WXGA Video resolution (1280 x 768 pixels)

- USB port 2.0 compatible for transferring recordings to a PC

- Wall mountable

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