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Below we give recommendations for the best Freeview box. These are Freeview boxes that have proved popular amongst consumers. If you want to know more about Freeview boxes, then read our Freeview box FAQs. On the right you will also find links to the best Freeview box retailers.


Humax PVR9200TB Freeview Recorder Humax PVR9200TB Freeview Twin Digital 160GB HDD Recorder - Approx £170
A great Freeview box at a good price. This Humax box has good usability and is easy to set up. Twin digital tuners allow you to record one channel whilst watching another. You can record two different programmes at once and watch something before it's finished recording.

Easy recording of programmes from the 8-day EPG, just highlight the programme for recording from the guide.

This Freeview box is also available in silver as the PVR9200TS.
Buy at Amazon - Sony VTX D800U Freeview box Best Freeview Box - Sony VTX 800U Approx £80
A superb Freeview box from Sony, probably the best Freeview box currently on the market. Quick and easy installation, two Scart sockets, good Sony build quality. More
Humax F2-Fox T Freeview Box Humax F2-Fox T Approx £80
A good quality box which has a good Freeview tuner, two Scart sockets and an RF modulator so that it can be used with TVs that don't have Scart.
Sony RDR GXD500 DVD Recorder Sony RDR GXD500 DVD Recorder Approx £320
This is a DVD Player/Recorder and Freeview receiver combined. It's an all round high quality solution to your digital viewing requirements. More
Digifusion FVRT100 Personal Video Recorder Digifusion FVRT100 PVR Approx £190
Allows you to receive and record Freeview TV.
Pioneer DBR TF100 - recommended Freeview Box Pioneer DBR TF100 Approx £80
2 SCART Sockets, Remote Control, RF modulator so works with non-SCART TVs, SCART cable included, Pioneer quality.
Philips DTR100 Freeview Box Philips DTR100 £49.99
2 SCARTS, remote control, stereo audio output.
Recommended Freeview Boxes - Fusion FRT101 Digifusion FRT101 Freeview Box - Around £50
Remote control, 2 SCART Sockets.
Digifusion FRT101T Digifusion FRT101T Freeview Box - Around £70
Integral card reader for use with the Top-Up TV service, 8 Day Freeview Programming Guide giving the latest TV listings onscreen for the week ahead.
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