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Space Saving Beds

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Do you have a small bedroom and are desperate to create a bit more space? Perhaps you could achieve this by taking a look at space saving beds. Modern bed specialists have come up with some excellent designs so you can fit a bed in the smallest of spaces. Isn't it time to stop letting your guests sleep on the sofa and give them a good night's sleep with a space saving bed? You can now buy all types of folding beds, beds with integrated storage and beds where the base dimensions are no greater than the mattress.

If your spare room has to serve a dual purpose, e.g. as both the guest room and your hobby room, then space saving beds can give you that little bit extra room that makes all the difference to how useful that room can be. Making the most of your space is easy with the modern space saving bed designs, e.g. single beds that have a second bed in the base, and contemporary designs mean that your guest accommodation will still look respectable.

Space saving beds are ideal for loft conversions, so take a look at the bed shops in the table on the left and find the ideal solution to your space restrictions.

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