X Factor 2005

It already looks as though the X Factor 2005 will be a classic. Even at the early stages, we've seen quite a few of the British eccentrics that make the series so entertaining. The question is whether judges Simon Cowell ("Just horrendous!"), Louis Walsh ("I liked it!) and Sharon Osbourne ("Don't be nice to me!") will be able to make it through X Factor 2005 without falling out with each other. They've already had some pretty major disagreements about which contestants should go through, with Simon Cowell being adamant that some should not go through, but Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne showing more leniency. Even in the early stages of X Factor 2005 Simon Cowell has been protesting that "I can't do this anymore!" However, as in previous series, there are bound to be a few diamonds in the rough ...

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 17 Dec 2005

Shayne Ward has won X Factor 2005 and the new recording contract. His new single, That's My Goal, started pressing straight after the show, and will be released on Wednesday, in an attempt to capture the Christmas Number One.

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 3 Dec 2005

The British public has called time on "Chico Time", and Chico has now professed how he now thinks working with children is his calling in life, and he would like to open an orphanage.

The remainder are all potential winners, and it's difficult to tell who will make it through. Here's what they sang:

Journey South sang 'Bad Day' by Daniel Powter
Louis: "Great song choice - could tell you were nervous though."
Sharon: "I don't think its gonna be a bad day I think its gonna be a good day for you."
Simon: "I keep thinking I should be negative one week, but I can't it was great."

Journey South's second song was 'Candle In The Wind' by Elton John
Louis: "Really unusual choice of song - no tricks, just great harmonies, absolutely pulled it off, well done."
Sharon: "I can't hear this song without feeling terribly sad."
Simon: "That is the X Factor, congratulations."

Chico sang 'I feel Good' by James Brown
Simon: "It was horrible."
Louis: "You look like Simon on the beach in Barbados with your pecs out but you're a better singer."
Sharon: "One word - fabulous"

Chico's second song was 'Time Warp' from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Louis: "Fantastic show - great fun. It was great well done."
Simon: "Music can be fun as well, you've brought a fun factor to the show, it was in its own excruciating way very good."
Sharon: "I'm keeping my mouth shut before he changes his mind."

Brenda: 'I'm Outta Love' by Anastacia
Louis: "What I like about you is you're a fighter and I love it."
Simon: "I think you're getting better, we haven't seen a singer like you on here for a long long time."
Sharon: "As always I put my money on Brenda and she delivers - brilliant"

Brenda's second song was "I'll Never Love This Way Again" by Dionne Warwick.
Louis: "Fantastic performance, brilliant song - I am a fan."
Simon: "Your best vocal performance to date, just absolutely loved it - like a vocal lesson - great."
Sharon: "You just go girl - stunning.

Shayne sang 'Take Your Mama' by The Scissor Sisters.
Simon: "Your strongest performance - just terrific"
Sharon: "I just liked the groin action love - fabulous, keep pumping away."
Louis: "He has star quality, he's different from anyone else."

Shayne's second song was 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael
Sharon said "One of my favourite songs and you sang it very well."
Simon said "You performed it brilliantly; I think and hope you have done enough to get through to next week."
Louis said "A great performance, a very very hard song to sing, but you made it your own."

Andy sang 'Easy Lover' by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey.
Louis: "That wasn't great for me."
Simon: "That was an appalling choice of song and if you haven't got a better second one you're in trouble."
Sharon: "Don't listen, they're trying to change the audience at home because they're scared of you.

Andy's second song was 'When I Fall In Love' by Nat King Cole
Simon: "A little bit tentative, I can feel the nerves, but it was a million times better than the first song."
Louis: "You're great on the big ballads - a great crooner."
Sharon: "You have the X Factor."

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 26 Nov 2005

The Conway Sisters were the Goneway Sisters tonight. However, they said they were pleased to go, as they didn't fancy facing another media backlash.

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 19 Nov 2005

After the surprise exit of Maria last week, the last week hasn't been easy for the Conway Sisters, and they found themselves up against Nick in the final X Factor vote off. The casting vote fell to Sharon and she decided to say goodbye to Nick.

Sharon has been throwing water over Louis again when Louis asked her whether she had been taking Ozzy's drugs.

Chico made the brave move of singing his own sony this week, and as can now be expected from the ex-goat herder, it was high-energy and entertaining. Simon was lost for words.

A summary of the X Factor performances follows:

The Conway Sisters sang 'One Moment In Time ' by Whitney Houston
Louis Walsh: "Your best performance so far this series, I'm really glad I gave you the chance."
Sharon Osbourne: "Can you imagine Maria up there singing that song? Who do you think would have sung it best?"
Simon Cowell: "That song may have been too big for you, however the sentiment may carry you through tonight."

Andy 'The Bin Man' Abraham sang 'Me and Mrs Jones' by Billy Paul
Simon: "I absolutely loved that, a lot of passion, a very cool, authentic performance."
Louis: "Smooth, soulful and sensual - you deserve to be on that stage boy."
Sharon: "I could feel it, you were having the best time."

Nicholas Dorsett sang 'If I Ever Fall In Love' by Boyz II Men
Sharon: "I don't see your performances going anywhere, each week I keep waiting for you to go up another notch, I just haven't seen it."
Simon: "That was as flat as a pancake, it's as if you and Louis have given up, you walked out defeated."
Louis: "He was a lot more in tune than Mel C was last night."

Journey South sang 'Angels' by Robbie Williams
Louis Walsh: "Lazy, lazy choice - you're better than the song."
Sharon Osbourne: "I love you, I thought the song was amazing, you guys are getting better and better, more confident every week."
Simon Cowell: "Louis Walsh has shown he couldn't even judge a hamster show, what are you talking about? That what fantastic."

Brenda sang 'Last Dance' by Donna Summer
Louis Walsh: "Amazing performance, one of the best of the series."
Simon Cowell: "If I said you weren't sexy I apologise and taking it back. I loved it."
Sharon Osbourne: "So much respect for you, I love you."

Shayne Ward sang 'A Million Love Songs' by Take That
Simon Cowell: "You breezed through that, I'd like to hear you stretched more next week. But you've got what we need, you've got teen appeal."
Sharon Osbourne: "I agree with Simon, I'd like to see you stretched a bit next week too."
Louis Walsh: "I think Shayne is great, I'm so glad I picked him."

Chico Slimari sang 'Chico Time' by Chico Slimari!
Louis Walsh: "Everybody loves Chico, very brave to do your own song, you could probably have a big big hit with this song"
Simon Cowell: "What the hell has happened to this show? That was horribly fantastic."
Sharon Osbourne: "Really great, I know how hard you have worked on this all week."

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 29 Oct 2005

The public put Chico and Philip up to face elimination by the judges. Philip had made the brave move of choosing his own song, "Johnny B. Good" by Chuck Berry, and giving a much rockier performance than previously. Chico had all the dancing girls in a rendition of "Living La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin, but his performance was slightly more restrained this week. There was no Chico slide (you know, that dance move when he hopped backwards across the stage). We're really glad for Chico that he has had his taste of fame, but were surprised when Simon decided to keep him in with his casting vote. Simon justified this by saying he was making his decision on the basis of who the public would like to see again next week. Yes, Chico is entertaining, but we didn't think he was on the same singing level as Philip, and we have our suspicions that there is some tactical voting going on between Simon and Louis as they both take winning the X Factor very seriously.

Simon has said he thinks there's more talent in this competition than any other they have done. This week we were very impressed by Andy the Bin Man's performance of "Unforgettable". We have to say that we agree with Simon about the level of talent, and it is still difficult to see a clear winner.

Performance by other X Factor contestants:

Brenda sang 'Midnight Train to Georgia' by Gladys Knight and the Pips.
Shayne sung 'Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams
The Conway Sisters sang 'Total eclipse of the heart' by Bonnie Tyler.
Chenai sang 'Hero' by Mariah Carey
Andy sang 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole
Journey South sang 'Angel of Harlem' by U2.
Nicholas sang 'Let's stay together' by Al Green.
Maria sang 'Take another little piece of my heart' by Dusty Springfield.

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 15 Oct 2005

Tonight's X Factor ended in a sing off between Addictiv Ladies and Chico. When Simon Cowell was asked to vote, there was initial confusion that he was sending home his own act, Addictiv Ladies. However, Simon clarified, "I am sending Chico home, and I will pay for the flight." Sharon Osbourne of course backed her own act, Chico, which meant Louis Walsh had the casting vote, and he decided to send home Addictiv Ladies.

Addictiv Ladies - sang Superstar by Jamelia. Sharon Osbourne commented "You're so much fun, you make me smile. I think you're brilliant, I love you." Louis Walsh thought "Really good fun, but not ready for the big time yet." Simon Cowell said: "I had a couple of sleepless nights after I put you through, but I think you did fantastic tonight and I am glad I put you through."

Shayne Ward - Simon Cowell thought he could see him at the end of the competition, but Sharon Osbourne wanted to see some more confidence. Louis Walsh thinks Shayne has a great career ahead of him.

Chico Slimari - It's Chico time!!! Sharon Osbourne thinks "Chico is a great natural performer". Chico's act seems to consist of spinning around, pulling up his T-shirt and telling Sharon she's sexy. Louis Walsh said "I'm glad Sharon put you through, you're a born entertainer and a great dancer, you put the fun factor into X Factor". Simon Cowell said "It was like being at a Chippendales Concert". Sharon Osbourne said "It is up to the public to decide" ..... and they did, putting Chico in the bottom two.

Journey South - Simon Cowell thinks these two are two of the best singers he has ever met. We think he's right.

Phillip McGee - Simon Cowell was harsh saying "It's like someone leaving a boy band. I'm distinctly unexicted". Louis Walsh said "Philip doesn't have the confidence or experience, but he has the talent. I know we've got something very special here. The fact that Simon isn't impressed, I think it's a good sign".

Brenda Edwards - Brenda sang "Son of a Preacher". Simon Cowell said "Are you a good club singer, or do you have the X Factor?" Louis Walsh said "I think she'd make a great backing singer, I don't see her selling records." Sharon Osbourne said "You are not a club singer, if you ever did play clubs they would be huge clubs and people would spend hundreds of pounds to come and see you. You're a strong women who's now got confidence. You go girl".

Conway Sisters - Sharon Osbourne said "I'd like to see some more oomph". Louis Walsh said "Four great Irish girls with great voices, natural singers. There's only one problem, Simon gave you a really bad song". Simon Cowell said "I think Louis is right, I chose the wrong song for you, but I think you're great, I think you're very talented."

Nicholas Dorsett - Simon Cowell thought "You are potentially very, very, very good." Sharon Osbourne commented "I think you have an amazing voice, I cannot believe that you're only 18, but I don't feel that song did you justice". Louis Walsh looks after Nicholas, and he said "I believe in him".

Maria Lawson - Louis Walsh said "You're technically fantastic". Simon Cowell said "I hate to say it, but I agree with Louis, you are someone who could bring a shock each week to this competition." Sharon Osbourne said "I'm very proud of you, you've got an incredible voice, you've got a body to die for you bitch, you were brilliant."

4Tune - Simon Cowell looks after these guys and says "The most talented group of individuals I've seen in this type of competition, unbelievable." Louis Walsh reckons "I still don't think you're ready for it, and you still need some vocal coaching". Sharon Osbourne commented "Be what you are and enjoy it, let's see some more love in it next week." Simon Cowell commented "You're very nice down to Earth guys, I think we've seen a small part of what you're capable of, I'm very proud of you guys".

Chenai Zinuku - Sharon is mentoring Chenai "You deserve to be here, well done". Once again Simon Cowell thought the song was too old for the contestant, saying "I really hope the song isn't going to kick you out of the competition".

Andy Abraham - Received a standing ovation half way through his performance. Louis Walsh judged "You're one of the best singers I've heard in a long long time." Simon Cowell announced "I wish I was looking after you. It's not just the fact that you're a good singer, it's your story. You are the heart and soul of this competition." Sharon Osbourne said "You're brilliant, I'm so proud of you."

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 8 Oct 2005

This week, the remaining X Factor hopefuls went off to the judges homes. No doubt visiting the judges luxury pads would have given the contestants a better idea of exactly what was at stake. Simon Cowell took them off to his sprawling villa in sunny Spain, Louis Walsh to his ultra modern luxury apartment in Dublin, and Sharon Osbourne to the Osbourne Mansion in Beverley Hills, LA (already familiar to many viewers from The Osbournes TV series).

The lucky contestants who will be entertaining us over the coming weeks are as follows:

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh: 16-24 Year Olds

Shayne Ward - 20 year old shop assistant from Manchester. Looks a bit like Beckham, with the diamond stud earrings to match. Sang the Hollies' track 'The air that I breathe'.

Phillip McGee - 21 year old student from Belfast. Louis likes his powerful voice. He performed the Bee Gees' 'Don't forget to remember me'.

Chenai Zinuku - 18 year old office worker from London. Chenai was in last year's X Factor, getting to the Boot Camp stage. She sang 'I'm still waiting by Diana Ross'.

Nicholas Dorsett - 17 year old from London. Has a wicked weave hair style and can sing high falsetto. Simon Cowell thinks he has raw talent. He performed 'You make me feel brand new' by the Sylistics.

X Factor Judge Sharon Osbourne: 25 and Over

Maria Lawson - This newly married 30 year missed her honeymoon to stay in the competition and visit the Osbourne Mansion. She sang 'Since you've been gone' by Kelly Clarkson.

Andy Abraham - A likeable 40 year old, who has been working the bins in London. Andy is doing this to give his family a better life. There's no doubting he's talented. He sang Stevie Wonder's 'My Cherie Amour'.

Brenda Edwards - 36 year old Brenda only entered X Factor 2005 because she was on a romantic weekend at the Belfast hotel in which auditions were being held. This bubbly personality wowed Ozzy, Sharon and guests with the Rick Carroll classic 'I just wanna make love to you.'

Chico Slimari - A 34 year old former goat herder from Morocco. Chico braved electrification when splashing in water with a live mic during his performance of Ricky Martin's 'La Vida Loca'. Rock hellraiser Ozzy was amazed, and said 'I'd never do that!' Simon Cowell thought that Sharon was joking when she originally said yes to Chico. However, Chico seems to be something of a favourite of Sharon's, and it will be interesting to see how he is received by the public.

X Factor Judge Simon Cowell: Groups

Journey South - Simon Cowell absolutely loves these guys. We think he can see the next Robson and Jerome in them. The brothers moved to London and spent eight years and all their money trying to make it. They sang Desperado by the Eagles, with Simon telling them they had cruised through to the finals.

Conway Sisters - Four sisters, Sinead, Marie, Sharon and Laura, from Sligo in Ireland. Definitely reminiscent of the Corrs, Simon saw the potential. They sang 'You Raise Me Up' by Josh Groban.

4Tune - Simon, Michael, Anthony and Phil won in the battle of the boy bands against The Brothers and 4th Base. 4Tune entered the last X Factor and got through to the final seven. They sang the Rod Stewart classic 'I don't want to talk about it'.

Addictiv Ladies - Four girls, Fleur, Stephanie, Vivienne and Nicola, with lots of energy. Simon Cowell seemed to think he was taking a gamble putting them through, saying 'Don't let me down'. They sang 'Wishing on a star' by Rose Royce.

X Factor 2005 Update! Sat 3 Sep 2005

Well, this episode was a strange one, because Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh appeared to have a complete character reversal. Rather than his usual "I liked it!" self, Louis was having an off day, and took the "Mr Nasty" role normally played by Simon. Louis came out with some classic quotes that Simon would have been proud of:

"This is a pen not a wand."

"I thought they sounded like three cats in pain, in the night."

When 16 year old Charlotte arrived, Louis and Simon didn't hold back. Sharon tried her best at compliments saying, "You sound like a kitten", to which Louis added, "Being strangled!" In fact, Louis was in such a grumpy mood, that Sharon Osbourne declared "I don't like doing this with you like that." Sharon got so upset with Louis' comments she threw his coke over him. She though that "Everybody's got too big for their boots."

We also caught some of The Xtra Factor on ITV2 (available on Freeview). Here we saw Simon stick his nose in the face of an iguana that a contestant had brought in. Unfortunately, the iguana wasn't tempted to take a bite.


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