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Apple Power Mac G5 Review

The Apple Power Mac G5 was discontinued on 7 Aug 2006 and replaced by the Mac Pro series.

Below is what we wrote about the Power Mac G5 in April 2005.

Welcome to our Apple Power Mac G5 Review. With dual 64-bit processors and a high-bandwidth architecture, the Power Mac G5 offers serious computing power and has been designed to meet the high-performance requirements of power users. If you find your current computer lacking when running demanding applications such as the Adobe Photoshop graphics package or Adobe Premiere video editing software then the Power Mac G5 would provide the answer.

The two 64-bit G5 processors are capable of reaching speeds of 2.7GHz, and you can add up to 8GB of main memory to your system, which uses a liquid cooling system to enable the system to run more quietly. Whilst previously you may have experienced lengthy delays when running processing-heavy tasks such as applying filters in Photoshop or preparing video clips, you'll be amazed how quickly a Power Mac G5 can perform these tasks. Your new Power Mac G5 will come equipped with Tiger, the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system. Not only does this OS look great, with a new Dashboard application, but it allows access to large amounts of RAM, allowing the system to manipulate data in multiple applications entirely in RAM for maximum performance.

The Power Mac G5 has a graphics card installed in an AGP 8X Pro slot, which it uses to accelerate the entire system, seemlessly displaying the drop shadows and ripple effects of the OS. Most systems ship with ATI Radeon graphics cards which offer excellent all round performance.

Note the Power Mac G5 has now been discontinued.

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