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It can be tough choosing the best mobile phone, but we have the best mobile phone shops listed below, so you'll be sure of a good mobile phone deal. We recommend a contract mobile phone if you are a heavy mobile phone user so you will be able to obtain inclusive minutes and texts, or a pay as you go mobile if you are just an occasional mobile phone user. Please try the links below to find your new mobile phone deal:

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Best Mobile Phone Review and Advice Sites
Dave Lee
YouTube channel for tech reviews on desktops, laptops and phones.
Marques Brownlee
US YouTuber for tech reviews covering phones, computers, headphones and retro tech.
British YouTuber for tech reviews, mainly phones and laptops.
The Tech Chap
British YouTube channel for tech reviews, mainly laptops and phones.
Unbox Therapy
Popular YouTube tech reviewer from the US. Mainly reviews phones and laptops.

Major Mobile Phone Brands
For mobile phones, smart watches and tablets.
For iPhones, MacBooks and Mac Pros. Apple is an American company.
Mobile phones designed for seniors.
Google Phones
For Google Pixel mobile phones.
For smartphones and smartwatches.
For phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, smart home devices and mobile broadband.
A large South Korean company making consumer electronics and appliances.
For mobile phones, office phones and phone accessories.
For Android and classic Nokia phones.
For mobile phones. OnePlus aims to be relentless in their pursuit of better technology and challenging the status quo.
For mobile phones.
Chinese smartphone manufacturer.
For phones, earbuds and smartwatches. A Chinese manufacturer.
For phones, tablets, monitors and appliances.
Sony Mobile
For Sony Xperia phones.
For mobile phones and smart devices.

Our favourite brand of phone is Samsung.

For more advice on mobile phones, we also recommend this mobile phones page.