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Big Brother News Archive 1

Big Brother 6 Archives (June 2005 and earlier)

Tues 28th June - Evictions time. Makosi has accused Maxwell of having double standards, and nominated Maxwell and Saskia for eviction. Derek felt that Maxwell acts like he owns the place. Anthony and Maxwell were barred from nominating because they discussed evictions. Saskia says Makosi thinks she's the Queen of the House and Saskia feels she's a pain in the arse and talks bullshit. Saskia also nominated Science, because he butted in on her argument with Makosi, and because he called Saskia boring. Science nominated Craig and Maxwell and thinks Maxwell is an idiot. Vanessa nominated Maxwell for being aggressive and spiteful, and Saskia for being sly, accusing her of prostituting her body to get further in the game.

Makosi chose to evict Kinga, because she didn't think she would be able to cope with the house, and said that Orlaith had a deep personality that she wanted to see shine. Anthony was quite struck by Orlaith, saying "Oh my God, that is a textbook figure. Perfect. There's absolutely no denying that figure." Maxwell took advantage of the threat posed by Orlaith to get his hands on Saskia.

Mon 27th June - Kemal had a bit of a wobbler, worried about his relationship with Makosi. He has been trying to compete with Makosi in the diva stakes, but despite his best ladies fashion efforts, has been finding himself slightly outgunned. However, Makosi comforted him in his moment of need, and he declared Makosi a friend for life.

In a later argument with Science, Kemal said everyone is born a woman. Science begged to differ, saying he was a man as soon as the egg was fertilised. Vanessa told Science he had a cute ass, which he didn't seem to pleased about.

It will be Makosi who chooses which two of the secret housemates will become real housemates. This should be an interesting decision. Will Makosi allow Irish stunner Orlaith in, even though she looks as good as her in a mini skirt? Will she allow in Kinga, who needs a bigger bikini top than her? Will Eugene get in even though his main interest in life is kettles?

Later Maxwell and Saskia kicked off big time with Makosi, when she failed to share the cider ration with them. Little did they know that Makosi had shared it with the secret housemates instead. It just goes to show it's never a good idea to deny an Arsenal fan his favourite tipple.

Sun 26th June - Maxwell has been reprimanded by Big Brother for contemplating putting his scabs in Science's food. Big Brother made it clear that such a contravention of health and safety rules could mean eviction, but Maxwell said he had only thought about it, but didn't actually do it.

Big Brother has given Makosi the secret mission to supply the new housemates with food and clothing. Makosi will face the public vote if she fails. Tonight she must ensure the three housemates all take a shower.

Fri 24th June - Despite Derek's pleas, it was irritating Italian Roberto that was evicted tonight. He admitted that people wouldn't want to be around him when he was angry. Maxwell for one wouldn't be missing him after Roberto emptied a bowl of food over Maxwell's head.

The key Big Brother news is that there are three new housemates:

Kinga - A 20 year old market researcher from London, half Polish and half Kuwaiti. Kinga said she could count the number of friends she has on one hand - it's two. On seeing the other new housemate Orlaith, Kinga's first words were, "Oh my God, you've got such a wicked figure." She wasn't wrong.

Orlaith - A 26 year old model from Belfast, who says she is going to amuse herself in the Big Brother house by playing with her nipples. She'll certainly give Makosi and Saskia a run for their money in the eye candy stakes.

Eugene - A 27 spectrum planning engineer from Crawley. Eugene says that many people find him irritating, and that he is reasonably good looking "I'm not the best, but I've seen worse". His hobby is throwing televisions off cliffs and recording the sound they make - enough said. He probably couldn't believe his luck when he met who he would be spending time with. Eugene reminds us off Jon Tickle, the wacky scientist who appeared in a previous Big Brother series.

The three new housemates have to live in a secret garden room, (complete with talking stag on the wall), dressed only in their fig leaf costumes, and surviving only on food that they manage to steal from the main Big Brother House. Only two of them will ever make it to join the other housemates though, so it will be a very short Big Brother experience for one of them.

Thurs 23rd June - Maxwell didn't twig that he was the only housemate doing the workhouse task, so the housemates earnt a luxury food budget. Maxwell didn't mind once he'd found out how much lager he could now have.

Derek was given the task of getting all the housemates to kiss him, in order to win cigars and wine. He had no problem with most of the housemates, but Science took a lot of convincing, before agreeing to kiss Derek's bald head, justyfying it by saying "footballers do it".

Makosi started a discussion on favourite sexual positions, and collared Anthony to help demonstrate hers. Saskia then asked Makosi to help demonstrate her favourite position, to the delight of Maxwell, who commented, "I prefer to do it, it's frustrating just sitting here talking about it."

Weds 22nd June - There have been two major disagreements between Science and Maxwell, with Science incurring Maxwell's wrath first when he took some cheese that Maxwell had grated, and then when he had a glass of wine that Maxwell felt he wasn't entitled to.

Maxwell had to perform the task alone again, shelling prawns whilst the other housemates enjoyed cakes and fine wines in the garden. At least Maxwell had some good music to listen too, but he missed Makosi and Vanessa wrestling in their bikinis whilst being sprayed with water by Anthony.

Derek says he's not in favour of gay adoption, because he feels young children aren't able to understand it. Derek has also decided to go voluntarily, but Big Brother asked him to sleep on it. He's also keen to get out of the Big Brother House because one of his good female friends is getting married on Saturday.

Sun 16th June - According to the Big Brother psychologists, Saskia and Anthony fancy each other. Certainly Saskia was having none of it when a slightly sozzled Maxwell tried his luck in the loft.

Makosi has been having a hard time recently. The housemates were given an egg to look after, having to wear a chicken costume and keep one hand on the egg at all times. Makosi managed to drop her egg, and hence missed out on the party in the garden. Makosi went and cried in the bedroom. What's more, Vanessa appeared to be taking an interest in Makosi's beloved Anthony. After being successful in the task, Maxwell and Anthony broke their eggs against their foreheads, but Maxwell managed to cut himself. All the chirpy Arsenal fan had to say was, "It's no yolk".

Fri 17th June - Sam has been evicted, and not to be outdone, Davina stripped down to her bikini for the eviction interview, proving that she has a great body too. In Sam's "best of" review, Sam's striptease for Anthony was played back, and Davina joked that Sam could do one for her too. Davina couldn't believe it when Sam took her up on the challenge, and the Big Brother presenter couldn't bear to watch, shielding her eyes with her question cards. Davina should know that Sam, who would feel over-dressed in a mini skirt, would always be up for such a challenge.

Thurs 16th June - Roberto is getting on Maxwell's nerves. The two had an argument in the bedroom, with Maxwell telling Roberto to "Jog On" and telling the Italian "All you go on about is spaghetti". Although at first he tried to argue, Roberto couldn't really counter the chirpy cockney and retreated out of the bedroom.

Yesterday Science threw a glass of water in Kemal's face and today Big Brother gave him a formal warning for aggressive behaviour. Science later apologised to Kemal, saying "I was hungry and tired".

Big Brother arranged a Speed Dating task which took place in the loft. Kemal was a bit surprised by his speed date with Roberto, who played his role with much enthsiasm. Kemal said "I thought he was going to snog me. Bloody hell, he wants me. That was too much for me to handle".

A Big Brother lesbian kiss occurred between Sam and Makosi. Then they burst out laughing."Okay ..." said Makosi. "Thank god you didn't reject me", said Sam.

Maxwell brought out the cheesy chat up lines for his date with Saskia, saying "Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world. You're the reason God made a girl. I've waited all my life to do that. Now that was off the hook."

Sam performed a striptease for Anthony, although Anthony got a bit worried when she dived for his flies, "You're not getting my willy out are ya. You're the lapdancer, you're the one supposed to be taking your clothes off." So Sam finished the rest of her lapdance routine down to her bra and knickers, although not without a lot of nervous laughter. Maybe she was worried Makosi would find her out.

Derek dressed up as a woman for his date with Kemal. "What's the best meal you've ever had" asked Kemal, "I think I'm just about to have it" replied Derek, and then proceeded to shout "I feel it coming" at the top of his voice, which worried the rest of the housemates who heard it from the lounge..

The housemates had a laugh inhaling helium from balloons. Maxwell used the resulting squeaky voice to sing "We love you Arsenal we do, we love you Arsenal, we do ...". Saskia things Maxwell is going to win Big Brother. We think the buxom lass could be right.

Weds 15th June - So the big news is that Makosi is coming on strong about her feelings for Anthony. Ealier in the loft, Makosi had told Vanessa "If I get heated up I will shag Anthony". When Makosi wants to make her feelings clear, she doesn't hold back. Asking Kemal to leave the loft, Makosi poured her heart out to Anthony, "At first I didn't think you had a personality, in the first week I thought to myself he's got a personality, and in the second week I thought he's got a good personality and a huge package!"

Anthony proved he's not just a pretty face and is capable of coming up with a witty retort or two, telling Makosi "I'm not just a piece of meat". He challenged Makosi on whether she was really a virgin, saying he found it doubtful given she was 24 and a very sexual person. Makosi made the offer to Anthony that he could find out whether she was a virgin or not any way he liked. "f*%^ing hell, ding dong", said Anthony.

Other news is that Kemal really wants Roberto to go, and many of the other housemates seem to agree. Maxwell is complaining about the lack of booze, saying it's been four days and that's way too long.

Big Brother has been reprimanding housemates - Derek for switching off microphones, Saskia for eating food from the box task that she was not entitled to.

Anthony and Science had a huge argument in the kitchen when Science took offence when Anthony didn't get him a cup. Science currently seems to be making enemies left, right and centre.

Tues 14th June - Derek, Roberto and Sam are up for eviction. Saskia thinks Derek is a snake, and lost the plot with him, shouting at him in front of the other housemates. The housemates lost their Pirates task very early on because Anthony, Saskia and Maxwell forgot to wear their hats, incurring three fails. There has also been much rulebreaking lately, with Derek and Roberto covering up the cameras and switching off their mics whilst in the loft. Meanwhile, Makosi has revealed that she's got the hots for Anthony, and the lucky guy is on to a sure thing if he wants to try his luck. They have been talking about sex together, and have made a pact if they get desperate.

Mon 13th June - Big Brother had to call time on the cardboard box task, as three of the housemates, Derek, Anthony and Roberto, didn't want to leave their cardboard confines. Being slightly paranoid that Big Brother was trying to trick them, in the end they agreed to all come out at once. They've won luxury meals for the next three nights. For their first meal Robert and Derek had sea bass with tomato and chilli, while Anthony had steak and peppercorn sauce. Posh toff Derek was slightly less than impressed though, noticing that Big Brother had not heated the plates and saying they need to find a better chef. Makosi was gutted that she had vacated her box just a few hours earlier, and hence just missed out. She got particularly upset when she found out that the winning three had also been given a bottle of cherryade, which Makosi appears to be addicted to. In desperation, she offered to lick it off Anthony's body.

At 4am this morning Maxwell and Anthony were up to mischief, covering Kemal with shaving foam and washing up liquid and chasing him around the kitchen with a mop. Kemal screamed like a baby, but we think he secretly enjoyed it. Things degenerated into a water fight, and the other housemates got caught up in proceedings. Derek and Roberto eventually calmed things down, and Maxwell got to sleep in Saskia's bed as his own had got soaked. Despite Maxwell's efforts though, he didn't get any action.

Sun 12th June - In what has to rate as one of the most bizarre Big Brother tasks so far, the housemates were asked to spend time under cardboard boxes, with a prize of luxury food allowances to the housemate that managed to stay in their box the longest. Science didn't manage to stay in for long, shouting "Science cannot be contained". However, other housemates seemed glad of the privacy. We can only guess what they got up to, but Sam was certainly making some strange noises.

Sat 11th June - Last night, a drunk Vanessa decided bouncing on the Big Brother beds would be fun. Not content with merely jumping up and down, she decided it would be more fun to jump from one to the other. She managed two in a row, but bounced off the third onto the floor, landing awkwardly and spraining her ankle. It was clearly a painful experience, and in the diary room Vanessa said "I can't believe this happened to me". Well, we can. That's what happens when you get hammered and start jumping up and down on beds.

Fri 10th June - Lesley has been evicted, probably because she went into super-bitch mode with her intense dislike of Sam. In the eviction show with Davina, dressed in a PVC policewoman's outfit, she admitted to being jealous of Saskia's boobs, and that she had been more of a bitch than she usually is. She said she was ready to go and that she had had enough of being in the Big Brother House because of the people, that it had taught her to appreciate her Mum and Dad (ahh ... ) and was looking forward to a KFC once she got out.

Weds 8th June - The Big Brother contestants have been playing doctors and nurses. Their task at the moment is to be patients in hospital, and they've all been assigned various conditions, and must rush to the Diary Room within a minute when in need of treatment. Italian Stallion Roberto is taking things rather seriously, as he's concerned that they manage to win the extra food being offered. He's been trying to rouse the other contestants, using the skills he learnt from his days in the Italian Army no doubt. The housemates have had to take their medicine, but Makosi couldn't keep it down, rushing off to the toilet to spit it out. However, Makosi later proved more adept at sucking Anthony's lollipop. Lesley has to wear an Avid Merrion stylee Neck Brace, whilst Craig has been given the task of being pregnant.

Sun 5th June - Makosi has wowed Science with a striptease. She jumped on the lucky Science's bed and performed the routine to "You Can Leave You're Hat On", sung by the other housemates. Needless to say Science enjoyed the experience.

Sun 5th June - Science and Maxwell almost came to blows after Science upset Maxwell by throwing a dustbin at him. However, Science was only trying to defend himself against Maxwell's waterbomb attack, although we found Science's excuse that it just slipped out of his wet hands a bit unconvincing.

Maxwell is taking a shine to Saskia, telling her she's "top dollar". However, whilst Saskia thinks Maxwell is great, she's already told us in the diary room that she only likes him as a friend and doesn't fancy him.

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The best news for Big Brother 6 is that live coverage of the series is available on Freeview. This Big Brother coverage airs on the E4 Channel, that has just been made a free non-subscription channel for the first time. The only equipment you need to receive E4 is a Freeview box.

Big Brother Evictions

First Eviction - Mary, the wacky white witch was the first to go. Mary made a slow start, and was put up for eviction by Makosi, who had been given the right to nominate those up for eviction by a Big Brother secret task. Mary looked petrified when leaving the house, worried that everyone would be shouting "kill the witch", but actually received a relatively benign reception. We've later seen Mary on Big Brother's Little Brother, where she revealed a soft spot for Dermot and a talent for identifying people from their palms. She'll be in the Sunday papers with an "I had sex with alien" story.

Our Big Brother Contestant Review

By the looks of things the contestants are weirder and wackier than ever before.

Anthony - Cheerful, straightforward fellow that the other housemates have accused of having more style than substance.

Craig - Easily offended hairdresser, who has yet to come out of his shell. Needs attention, and does a good Britney Spears impression.

Derek - Camper than camp, and a posh toff to boot. He seems quite wise and is the self-styled Dad of the house. He wants to be a Lord - we think he's one already.

Kemal - 19-years old, a belly dancer with a passion for Elvis Presley. Bright, but might be starting to annoy the other housemates with all his opinions.

Lesley - Big up front, this lady seems to have an obsession with her breasts. Lesley took a great dislike to Sam, and has now been evicted, probably as a result of over-bitching. She's looking forward to a KFC now that she's free.

Makosi - A wolf in a cute body. The other housemates better watch out for her.

Mary - Wacky white witch with supernatural powers, not really cut out to appear on Big Brother. Has had "close encounters" with aliens. Spooky.

Maxwell - Chirpy cockney, but has already proven he has quite a temper and can turn quickly.

Roberto - Likes the sound of his own voice, and goes on a bit. Likes staking out his territory, especially the kitchen.

Sam - Sex kitten Sam has her eyes on the boys. They'd better watch out.

Saskia - A friendly lass who likes to take care of her appearance. Smarter than you'd think.

Science - As he likes to constantly remind everyone, Science has come from the streets, so is used to struggling against other people. He does seem to have a slight chip on his shoulder, but most of his housemates think he's intelligent.

Vanessa - There's not a lot to say about this girl yet, as she has kept herself to herself. If she's trying to keep in the background so as not to offend anyone, she's doing a good job.


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