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Britney Spears In The Zone In the Zone - Britney Spears Album - Released Nov 2003

Britney proves she's got what it takes to grow up, and with this album moves from vestal virgin to sophisticated nymphomaniac! Loads of catchy little r&b numbers, all different and full of great hooks that'll keep them in your head all day. It's all a long way from the cute Britney of old - look out Madonna, here comes Britney.


Britney Spears - Britney Album Nov 2001Britney - Self-Titled Britney Spears Album - Released Nov 2001

As Brit and her fan base grow older, it's perhaps inevitable that Miss Spears's third album would be one of those difficult "coming of age" affairs. The pressures of "growing-up" and the adolescent gripe of being taken seriously, seems to a dominant theme which runs right through the album from the, "...I need to make mistakes to know who I am" lyrics on the N'Sync-style "Overprotected", to the appropriately titled, "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman".


Britney Spears Oops I Did it Again Album Oops I Did It Again + Bonus Tracks - Britney Spears Album - Released May 2000

"Oops!...I did it again" starts the album in a great way, but even you weren't that keen on it, you'll definately be tapping your feet to the infectious "Stronger"....You have to respect the real attitude shown in "Don't go know my door"! Other highlights include "What U see (Is what U get)" which has a stomping beat and chorus. There's "Lucky" of course and the marvellous "When your eyes say it". Anybody who has ever doubted Brit's vocal talents should be ashamed of themselves as they hear her belt out "Where are you now" in fine style.


Britney Spears Baby One More Time Baby One More Time - Britney Spears Album - Released Jan1999

Britney’s first album unleashed her great talent of singing and introduced her into the pop world. 17 at the time of this release, Louisiana's teen dream works her guts out for every vowel and yearning growl on this impeccable slice of middle America.This album contains a mixture of mostly catchy pop tracks and slow, emotional ballads. Many fans will like this first album as it's filled with more sweet, cute, poppy tracks, which she was famous for!


Britney Spears Live from Las VegasBritney Spears - Live from Las Vegas

Britney goes rockier than her earlier style, and gives an energetic performance. With a high budget for the best in visual effects, she performs under a waterfall, plays with fire and dances in mid-air. This features all her best songs, including an amazing finale of "Baby One More Time". For the guy's there's some risque dancing, and for the Elvis fans, well, there's Britney in an Elvis costume. So, order your copy, turn the volume up and get ready to move!


Britney Spears Crossroads Britney Spears in Crossroads

High school friends, Lucy, Kit and Mimi meet on the night of their prom and decide to leave their home town and try to make it big in Los Angeles. Britney is the star, and the film doesn't let you forget it - a better title might have been "Britney - the Movie", and Britney's character is heavily based on her real-life persona, but it's worth a watch. A homage to 80s flicks about teen angst. The DVD includes two music videos ("I'm Not a Girl" and an alternate Darkchild mix and video for "Overprotected").


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