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Are girls safer driver than boys? Car insurance companies seem to think so, because invariably car insurance for girls works out a lot cheaper than car insurance for boys. Girls are less prone to thrill-seeking when behind the wheel, which means they are less likely to have crashes in which they weren't able to brake in time because of driving too fast.

Whether women are better drivers than men is open to debate, but research does indicate that women are safer drivers, with the welcome bonus for female drivers that car insurance for girls is cheaper. Faster driving by young men means that they are particularly prone to accidents in which they were travelling too fast to take a bend. Indeed, car insurance for young men has become extremely expensive, and their choice of first car is now often limited to a car with a small engine to ensure that they can get the cheapest possible car insurance.

Car insurance for girls is also cheaper because women are less likely to be following the vehicle in front too closely. Whatever your driving style if you have just passed your test, it pays to take it easy for a few months to build up experience on the road, and if you can stay accident free year after year you will be able to build up your car insurance no claims bonus, which can be important these days when car insurance can be a significant outlay for most people's monthly budgets.

If you are a female driver and have just passed your test, you will be pleased to know that many companies can offer car insurance for girls at lower prices than car insurance for newly qualified male drivers. In the table on the left you'll find companies specialising in women's car insurance, so visit their sites and you may be pleasantly surprised by the car insurance quote you receive.

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