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Who doesn't love a box of chocolates? Chocolate lovers will dream of sumptious milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, and now the internet can make their dreams come true. Superb hand-made chocolates are now only ever a few clicks away (see our table on the left), and boxes of chocolates are really easy to deliver, so it's a great gift if you need to order online. The internet also makes it easier to find specialist chocolates such as chocolates suitable for vegetarians and vegans, or gluten free chocolates. With online ordering making finding the right product easy, the internet caters to every possible conceivable chocolate fantasy you could have, whether that be the finest Belgian chocolate, fine truffles or high cocoa content chocolate.

The universal appeal of chocolates also make them suitable as corporate gifts or wedding gifts. A personalised box of the finest chocolates cannot fail to improve the mood of your corporate clients or wedding guests. The internet makes it particularly easy to find personalised chocolates so your gift can be that little bit more special.

Nothing beats the thrill of a good box of chocolates, and what could be better than receiving chocolates by post? A luxury box of chocolates can't fail to bring a smile and is the ideal gift to say thank you or Happy Birthday. What's more, no-one has to be left out, because the internet can help those with special requirements to satisfy their chocolate cravings. We have found online sugar free chcolates, dairy free chocolates and alcohol free chocolates.

If you are a chocolate lover then the internet has bought you paradise, just don't overdo it and remember, they say you can have too much of a good thing, but when that's the finest luxury chocolates made from the finest ingredients, or delicious hand-made truffles, we're not sure that it applies.

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