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After their formation during hit TV show Pop Stars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud have gone on to conquer the charts with their uptempo pop. There are now two Girls Aloud albums, "What Will the Neighbours Say?" and "Sound of the Underground", and the talented Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh could well reach similar heights to the Spice Girls as the queens of British pop.

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Girls Aloud Chemistry

With Chemistry Sarah, Nicola, Nadine, Kimberley and Cheryl have made a quirky British pop album that reflects what it’s like to be a 20-something girl living in the UK.

There’s attitude ("Models), heartbreak ("Whole Lotta History") and sauciness ("Watch Me Go"). Make no mistake this is a 24-carot solid gold pop album but thrown into the mix are snatches of rock, house, electro, salsa, rap and ska. This Girls Aloud album has been made by breaking the rules on what you can do with pop. Who said you can’t have two choruses in one song or three different sounds in another?

Chemistry features the hit Girls Aloud single "Biology", and their Christmas single "See The Day", as well as their summer smash "Long Hot Summer".

Girls Aloud Chemistry Aloud

Girls Aloud Long Hot Summer Single
Released 22 August 2005.


Girls Aloud Long Hot Summer

Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? CD Album
Co-written and produced by Brian Higgins and the Xenomania crew, What Will The Neighbours Say? features not only "The Show", "Love Machine", "Jump" and the 2004 Official Children In Need single, "I'll Stand By You" but 10 brand new tracks from the slinky, bluesy "Deadlines & Diets" to "Graffiti My Soul", the icy core of metal-machine noise, to the mighty "Wake Me Up" which wields a synth-pop punch worthy of the B52s.

Girls Aloud What Will The Neighbours Say CD Album

Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground CD Album
With a fresh and edgy feel, this album has all the girls' early hits, and includes videos of their first three singles "Sound Of The Underground", "No Good Advice" and "Life Got Cold".

Girls Aloud Sound of the Underground


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