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Hauppauge Dec 1100 T Freeview Box Review

Welcome to our Hauppauge DEC 1100-T review. We'd recommend this Freeview box if you are looking for a physically small box, as the Hauppauge DEC 1100 T is approximately 15cm wide by 15cm deep by 3cm high. It's also suitable for people that have a TV without a SCART socket, because it has a built in modulator that means it can connect to the aerial in socket of your TV (Freeview boxes without a modulator need a SCART socket instead). Even though it's small, the Hauppauge DEC1100T is still a very capable Freeview box, and you'll be pleased with it's ease of set up, use, and the quality of digital TV picture it produces. A capable Freeview box at a reasonable price.

Hauppauge DEC 1100 T

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