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Netgem I Player Plus

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The Netgem iPlayer Plus is more than just a high quality Freeview box. Unlike other Freeview boxes, the iPlayer is already capable of receiving Top Up TV and can also connect to the Internet to view web pages on your television. It can also send and receive SMS text messages on an ordinary phone line.

Netgem iPlayer Plus

Below we describe some of the features of the Netgem iPlayer Plus. Please note that this information is in relation to the offering from BT Shop, and some of the features may only be available on subscription to further services.

Top Up TV
The iPlayer Plus comes complete with the software needed to receive the extra channels available from Top Up TV. You will need to get a viewing card from Top Up TV and you will then have their selection of premium channels.

Seven Day Electronic Programme Guide
The new iPlayer Plus comes with the seven day Electronic Programme Guide of Freeview. This service allows you to see a grid of programme information for up to 8 days ahead.

Answerphone on TV
There are a whole range of communications features in the new iPlayer Plus. The iPlayer Plus can connect to a free answerphone service available from BT, and play back your messages via your TV. Not only will you be able to listen to them, but just like you do with your mobile phone, you can replay them, save them or delete them, using your remote control.

Caller Log on TV
Every call that comes into your landline, will be logged on your iPlayer Plus. You can see the date and time of the call, and if it is from one of the contacts in your address book, it will also show their name.

Caller ID on TV
Isn't it infuriating that the phone always seems to ring just when you are sitting down to enjoy your favourite programme? Well now you can see who is calling and decide whether to answer or call them back later, because your iPlayer Plus will display their number – and if they are in your address book their name - on TV. So, just like your mobile phone, you can see who's calling before you answer.

SMS Text on TV
Recently BT developed a service that allows text (SMS) messages to be sent to landlines. The iPlayer Plus has new software included in it, that will allow you to receive text messages, and see them on screen, store them, and reply to them direct from your TV.

E-mail on TV
The iPlayer Plus lets you send and receive emails on your TV. Again you can use the built in address book to store e-mail contact details. Digital photographs sent to your iPlayer e-mail account can be viewed on TV.

Internet on Your Television
The internet browser built into the iPlayer Plus will allow you to access certain internet content via your TV ( although not all content is designed to be viewed on a TV screen). This is ideal if you are watching a TV programme and want to find out more information.

The new iPlayer Plus comes complete with the software required to connect it to your home broadband connection (although you will need to buy additional equipment).

Home Networking
By connecting with a device called a router, your iPlayer Plus will be able to share the broadband connection with your PC and also share some of the files on your computer.

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