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Nokia 8800 Review

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Nokia 8800
Nokia 8800

Welcome to our Nokia 8800 review. Nokia says modern watchmaking and jewelry techniques were used to create its latest high-spec mobile phone, the Nokia 8800. The phone has a stainless steel body, with a sliding keyboard, and features some exclusive audio accompaniment, including ringtones and alerts by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

A specially reinforced glass that is used in luxury timepieces provides toughness and scratch-resistance for the front display (TFT LCD 256K colors, 208 x 208 pixel resolution), and even the Nokia marque has been chemically etched on the back plate using a process used by watchmakers. The 'pop-up' mechanism uses a bi-stable spring mechanism and stainless steel ball bearings, like those used in high-performance cars.

When open the phone reveals a hidden SVGA 0.5 megapixel digital camera on the back. The tri-band GSM phone operates in European and American band (GSM 850 or 900/1800/1900 networks) and provides GPRS and EDGE connectivity. The phone comes with a 64MB internal NAND flash memory, and supports the Bluetooth wireless technology, inclusing SIM profile to be used with some Bluetooth car kits. Built-in mp3 player and FM radio are part of the entertainment functions, plus SMS and MMS.

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