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Occasional Tables

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Occasional tables are a fantastic way to add a decorative touch to any home while being extremely useful. They are also very versatile, so just because you initially bought it for the living room, doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the bedroom or kitchen.

Console tables can make a fantastic feature in a hallway where there is not much space for decorating. They break up a hall way and allow you to place ornamental picture frames of your family. It’s also pleasing to the eye if there is a painting or a mirror above the table. A console table is especially useful in the hallway near the door, e.g. as a place to set your groceries when your hands are full and you still have more in the backseat of the car.

A console table is also helpful in the dining room; you can use it to arrange a buffet style set-up for a large dinner party so guests can serve themselves, or you can set the Christmas turkey on the table so it’s never too far away for seconds. The drawers also mean you will always have a secure place for all of your fine silverware.

Nest of tables are also highly decorative and useful furniture pieces for increasing your surface space. Use them in the living room as makeshift work areas for craft time with the kids or take them outside near a shady tree so you can securely place a pitcher of lemonade on a hot day without spilling it.

Likewise, lamp tables can also double as a bedside table in the bedroom. They’re ideal furniture pieces for placing telephones, lamps and alarm clocks, as well as small but useful things like reading glasses and medicine.

As you can see, occasional tables are not just styling; they’re practical!

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