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Pressure Washers

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Pressure washer brands include Karcher, Bosch, Black & Decker, Honda, Power Devil, Stihl, Screwfix. Most domestic pressure washers run off mains electricty, although other types of pressure washers exist, such as petrol and diesel pressure washers.

Pressure washer motor power is measured in Watts.

Water pressure is measured in bar.

Water flow is measured in litres per hour.

Where can you buy pressure washers online?

See the table on the left for some of the best online shops to buy pressure washers from.

What is the Best pressure washer?


Useful pressure washer accessories?

Spray lances.

Not a pressure washer accessory per se, but it's good to have an outdoor tap otherwise you will have to run a hose from the kitchen tap.

Special cleaning detergents for cleaning the car.

What are pressure washers useful for?

Can be good for car washing but make sure you don't use one at too high a pressure as you can strip the paint off. Use the pressure washer at an angle of 45 degress to the car and keep a reasonable distance away from the car. Pressure washers are particularly good as an easy way to clean alloys.

They're good for cleaning moss and mould from paving slabs, although specialised patio cleaners are also available for this task.

Cleaning the drive.

Cleaning the garage floor.

Cleaning car parts and machinery.

Cleaning garden furniture and garden tools.

Can be useful for preparation before renewing woodwork, e.g. cleaning decking before sanding and revarnishing.

Cleaning boats.

Cleaning tractors and farm machinery.

Things to look for in a pressure washer

- Look for one with the ability to pump a high number of litres per hour.

- Get one with a decent hose length, at least 8m.

- Foam lances are good for cleaning the car.

- One that allows variable pressure if you are going to use it for a variety of jobs.

- A high quality metal pump if you want the best nozzle performance.

- If you are going to use it in a variety of situations, check that it is light enough to transport easily.

Correct Pressures to Use


Water pressure is measured in bars.

Water delivery is measured in litres per hour.

Correct Pressure Washer Usage

Do not point the pressure washer at anyone, and don't spray your feet as it will hurt.

Don't let the pressure washer run dry as this will damage.

Wear goggles to prevent anything getting in your eyes.

Use an RCD to cut off the electricity in case of damage to the cable.

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