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Robbie Williams is now firmly established as one of the UK's biggest music stars. Below we summarize his albums to date, from Robbie Williams' first album after leaving Take That, Life Thru a Lens, through to his Greatest Hits.

Robbie Williams Intensive Care Album
The release date of the new Robbie Williams album, Intensive Care, will be 24th October 2005. For the first time, a Robbie Williams album launch will take place outside of the UK, at the Velodrom in Berlin on October 9.

The first single from the album, "Tripping", will receive its first play on Radio 1's Chris Moyles show, at 7.45am on Monday 5th September. Robbie will be hand-delivering the single.

"Intensive Care" was recorded in Los Angeles, and Robbie describes it as "something like a mini-gangster opera." The album is also said to have a reggae influence.

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Robbie Williams Greatest Hits CD Album
Greatest Hits chronicles the remarkable journey of Mr Robert Williams, from Take That to the multi-million pound jewel in EMI’s crown. Assembled in chronological order, all the hits are here, except for his initial solo outing "Freedom", and it’s interesting to see how his sound evolves to the subtle captivating melodies of "Feel" and "Come Undone". Highlights have to be the barnstorming "Let Me Entertain You", the bouncy, floor-filling "Rock DJ" and the song that madeth the man, "Angels".

Released Oct 2004

Robbie Williams Greatest Hits Album

Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth CD Album
Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth is a lasting souvenir of the biggest ever live music event that the UK had ever seen, when in Summer 2003 some 375,000 people made their way to Knebworth to let Mr Williams entertain them. It includes the majority of his finest moments, from the full-on regular opening number "Let Me Entertain You", to the tingling hairs on the back of your neck-quality of "Angels" via such crowd pleasers as "Kids" and "Feel".

Released Sep 2003


Robbie Williams Escapology CD Album
Escapology is far removed from his previous albums: it's a serious attempt to make something as credible as it is accessible. Robbie has now matured and makes adult-orientated rock music. The highlight of Escapology is the gigantically epic ballad "Love Somebody" in which his voice is pushed to its very limits and is pitched over a lush backdrop of brooding strings and a rousing gospel choir. The album includes the first track written entirely by Robbie himself, "Nan's Song", a simple and moving tribute to his late grandmother.

Nov 2002

Robbie Williams Escapology CD Album

Robbie Williams Swing When You're Winning CD
Apparently, Swing When You're Winning was inspired by the praise Robbie Williams received for his contribution to the soundtrack on Bridget Jones's Diary. Recorded with an 18-piece band in Frank Sinatra's old stomping ground, the Capitol Records Studio in LA, this collection of finger-clickin', Rat Pack standards and new material features plenty of guest collaborations, such as the much-hyped Nicole Kidman effort on Sinatra's "Something Stupid". Swing... is billed by Williams as a tribute to "The Rat Pack", a gang of entertainers including Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr, as well as Ol' Blue-Eyes himself, that dominated the Las Vegas dinner-club scene of the early 1960s.

Released Nov 2001

Robbie Williams Swing When You're Winning

Robbie Williams Sing When You're Winning CD Album
Having spent the majority of his first two albums bitterly attacking his boy band years, it seems Robbie Williams has finally got Take That out of his system. Which means that for most of Sing When You're Winning, he is either ecstatically happy, in cheeky party mood--as with disco single "Rock DJ"--or reminding all just what a huge star he is, as with the self-appreciating/depreciating mock arrogance of his Kylie duet "Kids": he raps with a nod and a wink "I'm an honourary Sean Connery/single handedly raising the economy/ain't no chance of the record company dropping me". It's when the snarling attitude and big anthems like "Let Love Be Your Energy", "Supreme", "Knutsford City Limits" and "Forever Texas" are in full flow that the star shines.

Released Aug 2000


Robbie Williams I've Been Expecting You CD Album
With the singles "Millennium", "Strong" and "No Regrets", the album is unashamedly Life Thru a Lens Part Two. Full of self-parody ("My breath smells of a thousand fags/and when I'm drunk I dance like me dad"), the cheeky chappie's personality shines through on every track. His voice has improved no end since, and the album includes his finest moment to date: "No Regrets", which features backing vocals by the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon and Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant, and is not alone in playing on that James Bond-alike thing. In a typically audacious manner, "You Win Some You Lose Some" opens with the voice of ex-girlfriend Nicole Appleton. The nation as a whole seems to be in love with Robbie, and it is this fascination, this desire for him to be good, that makes his music work as well as it does. Ronita Dutta

Released Oct 1998


Robbie Williams Life Thru a Lens CD Album
When Life Thru A Lens came out, Robbie Williams was a swiftly-failing music industry joke--"Blobbie Pill-iams", the ballooning drug-freak, drunk and bleary-eyed at far too many parties for his own good. Although his cover of George Micheal's "Freedom" had gone in at Number 2, "Old Before I Die" and "South Of The Border" sounded too like weak-tea Oasis for any real chart action and people were starting to talk about him as a failure. Then the elegiac "Angels", with its simple black-and-white video, hit MTV, and six months later Williams was picking up six BRIT Awards, showing off his post-rehab six-pack and dating an All Saint. The rest of Life Thru A Lens is a likeable, hyperactive stream of consciousness--much like Williams himself. "Lazy Days" is an unexpectedly gorgeous psychedelic swoon, and "Let Me Entertain You" is still an irresistible offer.

Released Sep 1997



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