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Robbie Williams is now firmly established as one of the UK's biggest music stars. Below we summarize the Robbie Williams DVDs available.

Robbie Williams DVD - What We Did Last Summer
The What We Did Last Summer DVD records the three August days in 2003 in which 375,000 fanst converged on rural Hertfordshire for Robbie Williams's record-breaking Knebworth gigs. Opening the concert in the style of another who wowed the masses, the stage curtains fall to reveal Robbie hanging upside down like Houdini in an escapologist costume; and like that master showman, Williams manages to keep his audience spellbound too.

First Released Nov 2003


Robbie Williams DVD - The Robbie Williams Show
Stylised as a kitschy 1960s light entertainment special, and recorded on one of the James Bond stages at Pinewood Studios, the show opens in a spectacular manner with 80 dancers perched behind the star on a 60 ft scaffolding set. Produced as a "live" and intimate TV special to promote the album Escapology, the show also provides further evidence of the star's quest to become an all-round entertainer. Between the songs, Williams teases and cajoles the audience with his usual patter of innuendo and self-parody. He also candidly discusses the multi-million pound record deal, his separation from long-time songwriting collaborator Guy Chambers, and his 12-month break from performing live.

First Released March 2003


Robbie Williams DVDs - Live At The Albert
The Live At The Albert Robbie Williams DVD is a fantastic testament to what was a very special evening. The concert offered tracks from his Rat Pack covers album Swing When You're Winning, an album that finally gave him across the board appeal. With the likes of Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Bob Geldof and Nicole Kidman in the stalls, this was no ordinary Robbie Williams concert. Backed by a full swing band, accompanied by a slew of glamorous dancers, compered by Rupert Everett and featuring duets with John Lovitz, Jane Horrocks, the scene-stealing Jonathan Wilkes and even Old Blue Eyes himself Frank Sinatra (albeit in video form), Robbie takes centre stage and performs like never before.

First Released Dec 2001


Robbie Williams - Where Egos Dare [1999]
Written in the small print on the back of this awesomely comprehensive 170 minute-plus Robbie Williams DVD are the words, "'Robbie Williams' is the trademark of Robert Peter Williams". The irony is that just a few years ago no one in their right mind would have wished to impersonate or otherwise infringe on the trademark of someone who was generally perceived as just another ex-boy band hasbeen. The story of how Robbie transformed himself from lardy motormouth to world-conquering (h)it boy will surely be made into a film one day and, just as surely, Robbie himself will convince the responsible studio that there is only one person capable of essaying the lead role. For now, though, the aptly titled Where Egos Dare will have to suffice. First up is the singer's now semi-legendary 1999 concert at Slane Castle. Also included is a raft of extras from the concert including backstage hijinks and film of Robbie and band rehearsing.

First Released Nov 2000


Robbie Williams DVDs - Nobody Someday
Shot in both colour and black and white, this DVD is a mix of some stunning live concert performance material and revealing behind-the-scenes footage. Key events featured include an obsessed fan pushing Williams off stage in Stuttgart, and the comical technical problems at the Paris gig. Despite the production's attempts to demystify star, it actually generates many more questions than it answers, adding further complexities to the brand/man known as Robbie Williams.

First Released July 2002



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