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If you're planning a trip to Europe then you should have travel insurance in place to ensure that you will be covered in case of emergency. In the table on the left you will find companies which offer travel insurance to Europe. Europe offers many exciting opportunities for fantastic holidays. Whether you are thinking of visiting the mountains of Switzerland or the fjords of Norway, or you prefer to take a camping holiday in France, the possibilities are endless and there is a holiday to suit all tastes. If you have not yet finalised your holiday arrangements, take a look at our travel deals site to find internet travel booking sites. However, once you have booked your holiday, you should always bear in mind that medical services operate very differently in Europe, and in many cases you won't have free access to the level of facilities that are provided by the UK NHS, so travel insurance should be arranged accordingly.

Another consideration when arranging travel insurance to Europe is whether you will taking many valuables with you. In this age of consumer technology, the value of the electronics equipment you want to take with you can quickly add up. Digital cameras and laptops are easily lost and can be targets for thieves, so take a look at your travel insurance policy to see how these items might be covered and arrange additional travel insurance if necessary.

When considering which travel insurance policy to opt for, as with all financial decisions you should read the small print carefully and make sure issues that are important to you will be catered for. You should also be aware of potential pitfalls, such as how cover may be affected if you have been drinking. In many cases different conditions will apply if you are over the alchol limit and in many cases accidents will not be covered, so think about this carefully before arranging your travel insurance to Europe.

Finally, we wish you a good holiday and hope that you won't actually need the travel insurance you arrange.

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