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Washing Machines

Welcome to our washing machines guide. We hope the below information will be of use when deciding upon the best washing machine for you.

Background Information on Washing Machines

Standard washing machines handle a 5kg load, although 6kg is fast becoming the norm. There are also larger 7kg+ models available. Larger drum sizes mean less creasing and therefore easier ironing. A 7kg model would easily handle a king size duvet.

Washing machines are rated from A (best) to G on washing performance, energy efficiency and spin performance, so the best washing machines are AAA rated.

If you want to keep your electricity bills down, then choose washing machines with low energy consumption per cycle ratings. Figures are given in kilowatts used per hour (KWh). The below formula can be used to calculate how much your wash will cost:

Cost of wash = Energy Consumption Rating (in KWh) x cost per unit of electricity (£/KWh)

One unit of electricity = 1KWh. The cost per unit should be given on your electricity bill.

Spin speeds of modern washing machines can vary between 800rpm (low) and 1600rpm+ (high best water removal). A spin speed of 1100rpm will be sufficient for most purposes.

If you want a quiet washing machine, then check the decibel (dB) level (the lower the better). Modern machines can have a noise level of 45db (as low as a boiling kettle).

When evaluating a washing machine think about how easy it will be to load. Check the size of the door and how far it opens. Think whether a front loading or top loading machine will be easier for you.

Features Checklist for Washing Machines

Below is a list of features commonly found in modern washing machines, to aid you when deciding on your new washing machine:

Child resistant locks and controls.

Cool touch door which won't get hot - safer if you have children or pets.

Half load button.

Mini load button for when you only need to wash a few items.

Quick wash option - which should reduce the washing time to thirty minutes or less.

Hand wash programme for delicate items.

Crease guard option to reduce creasing (by using gentler wash action and shorter spin cycle). If you don't like ironing, make sure you get this option!

Super rinsing facilities - removes more detergent from the clothes, useful for those with sensitive skin.

Delayed start timer. This allows you to delay the start of the programme cycle so that you can take advantage of cheaper night time electricity.

Spin speed selector so you can select a lower spin speed for delicates.

Remaining time indicator - so you can see how long the wash cycle has left.

Fuzzy logic. This is the term used to describe washing machines which have electronic control programmes which intelligently adjust the wash programme. For example, adjusting the water level depending on the load size, determining the number of rinses required dependent on the level of detergent in the water, automatically correcting for when loads become imbalanced during the spin cycle. Fuzzy logic improves the economy of the washing machine, and protects it against unnecessary wear and tear.

Anti flooding device - will detect if the washing machine is leaking and therefore prevent a flood.

Some modern washing machines have sloped electronic displays which can be read without you having to bend down.

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