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The page below is from our archives and refers mainly to Big Brother 6 from 2005.

Big Brother 7 started on 18th May 2006. We are sorry but we aren't providing commentary on this series, below is our coverage from 2005.

2005 Big Brother 6 Updates

Fri 12th August - Anthony has won Big Brother 6 in a very close vote. Breathing hard before the announcement, he was elated to win, jumping up and shouting, "Get in!" and bouncing around the lounge.

On leaving the house, Anthony was the only housemate to get a decent cheer from the crowd, and he made quite a spectacular exit from the house, making the most of his moment in the spotlight with a victory salute, a few choice John Travolta-esque dance moves, and even allowing himself a few trouser rubs a la Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars. Anthony appreciated the crowd's reception, commenting that their posters were"absolutely mint".

In his interview with Davina, Anthony denied having sex in the pool with Makosi, and said he would be using his winnings to go on a long holiday.

Eugene was the runner up, and was quick to congratulate Anthony on his win. When asked what the hardest part for him was, Eugene said it was the Secret Garden. Davina asked him how hard it was to be locked in a small room with Kinga and Orlaith with few clothes on, to which Eugene replied, "Very hard indeed, no pun intended". When asked what else he found difficult, Eugene said he had no problem with the outside showers, but that he found it hard to get a quiet moment in the house, especially when having to deal with a drunk Kinga.

Makosi finished third, and got a fairly hostile reception from the crowd, with shouts of "liar, liar". When asked whether she had sex with Anthony, Makosi replied "I was drunk, and no-one will ever find out what happened in that pool".

The human dynamo that is Kinga finished fourth, saying that she was proud of who she was and how she enjoyed every moment of her Big Brother experience.

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Thurs 11th August - Craig has been evicted but didn't look that surprised to be going. Anthony felt it was a shame that he had to go, it being so close to the last night. However, after Craig received a measly 4.1% of the public vote, he had to leave in a hurry, being given just 30 seconds to leave the Big Brother house whilst in the middle of the Chinese meal the housemates had won in their task earlier.

Kinga had no cigarettes and rather than taking the opportunity to quit smoking, she went and pleaded with Big Brother to give her some. Big Brother set her the task of lying to her housemates, giving her one cigarette for each lie. She told them that she fancied Makosi, had worked as a dominatrix, had starred in a porn film and had a one year old son. The housemates were prepared to believe her, and Kinga earned herself 4 cigarettes in the process.

Eugene, as the first housemate responding to Big Brother's diary room call, was offered half the Big Brother prize money, i.e. £50,000 cash. Eugene wanted to know whether taking it would mean he was evicted, but Big Brother would not answer. He decided to take the money even though he was keen to stay to have the chance of winning. Eugene was tortured by his morals for making this decision, but the other housemates said they would have done the same thing. Despite being given comforting words from Kinga, Eugene was quickly in tears in the bedroom over his decision, a strange reaction from someone who has just won 50 grand!

Tues 9th August - Makosi is feeling the pressure of being in the Big Brother House, telling Kinga that her nerves are frayed and that sometimes she feels the day will never end. Craig has been accusing Makosi of pretending to have sex with Anthony just to get a story for the papers when she gets out.

When asked about her thoughts about who might win, Makosi said if it was between Eugene and Anthony, the choice would be between brains and looks, although she felt people wouldn't vote for Anthony just because of his looks.

Kinga has been getting drunk and harassing Eugene when he tried to get a little quiet time in the bedroom. Eugene told her how he didn't like drunk people - Kinga responded by trying to put a condom on her head. She's a bit of a handful when she's had a few.

Sat 6th August - Makosi didn't let Kinga have her ten cigarettes, which made Kinga mad. Makosi decided spending money on cigarettes wasn't justified with a £35 shopping budget. Kinga will have to go cold turkey on the fags, without the benefit of any quitting smoking products.

Eugene was a bit emotional before the eviction, worrying whether he was going to see his friends or not, but Kinga and Anthony provided comforting words. However, it was Derek who was evicted, and he made a magnificent leaving speech, although we thought that making comparisons to Nelson Mandela being released was getting a bit carried away. He said that he hoped that being in Big Brother would have a bearing on his future experiences. When asked whether he was worried about the eviction interview he said "I could eat [Davina] for breakfast, and still have room for more."

The Craig and Anthony shenanigans continue. This time an argument broke out between them when Craig felt Anthony should have been helping to defend him against Kinga's accusations of encouraging her in her infamous "bottle incident". Craig got in a huff and threw beer at Anthony, which made the Geordie go ballistic, and he screamed back at Anthony at the top of his voice. Fortunately Anthony had the sense to walk away, and was later in the hot tub with Makosi when Craig added insult to injury and threw water over Anthony, as well as throwing down a glass and smashing it. Needless to say, this wound up Anthony even more, and he later fumed in the Diary Room "I don't get beer thrown over me in the real world, and I won't put up with it in here."

Thursday 4th August - Derek is hoping that it is him and not Eugene that walks on Friday. Derek thinks Eugene is the only housemate who is nice enough to be worthy of winning. Derek has already asked Big Brother to ensure that someone is ready to pick him up straight away if he gets nominated - he doesn't want to be hanging around on eviction night.

Kinga has revealed she also fancies Anthony - he certainly has more than his fair share of admirers in the house.

The housemates have been playing at cowboys for most of the day, as they were assigned a Wild West task, involving Bucking Broncos and line dancing.

Weds 3rd August - Kinga is feeling embarassed after getting carried away in the garden last night. She blamed a combination of alcohol and egging on by Craig for her outrageous antics. Makosi wasn't too pleased by the amount of noise Kinga was making and got out of bed to give her a lecture.

Kinga passed her secret mission and is therefore immune from eviction and is guaranteed a place in the house in the final week.

Makosi has been discussing Craig's sexuality with him. Craig said "I haven't given anything away." Yeah right. Meanwhile, Craig still seems to be getting to Anthony, who keeps pleading with him to stop "going on".

Mon 1st August - So, Orlaith has walked and Kinga gets her moment in the limelight. She wasted no time in injecting a bit of excitement into the house declaring "This house needs warming up" and playing a key part in getting some snogging going in the hot tub, and taking the opportunity to do some topless bathing.

Craig and Anthony have been falling out, with Anthony saying he's fed up of all the "bickering and arguing". When will it ever end? After Anthony had refused to kiss Craig in the hot tub, they had a long argument whilst sitting on the sofas. Makosi asked Anthony "Can I ask you a question? Do you fancy Anthony?", "No," replied Craig. However, Makosi wasn't falling for it - she's currently in the hot tub with Kinga saying how she thinks Craig is in love with Anthony.

Thurs 28th July - The housemates had a dinner party, at which Anthony got really drunk, much to the delight of Craig, who took full advantage. Whilst Anthony just wanted to be left alone, Craig insisted on "looking after" his beloved Anthony, which meant hugging him a lot, kissing him, and telling him he loved him. Craig didn't want to let anyone else near to help out, and told everyone "I'll have to watch him all night". Er ... Craig, have you forgotten that you're living in a house with cameras everywhere, and with the Big Brother staff watching 24/7?

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Weds 27th July - Would Eugene win the biggest geek in Britain title? The guy simply hit a new level of geekiness when the housemates were given a spying task where they had to learn Morse Code. No need for our man Eugene to bother though, he already knew it - it's the kind of thing he likes to learn for fun. Makosi found it quite amazing that Eugene already knew Morse Code, and Eugene took delight in telling her how he could decipher it at twice the speed than was necessary in today's task. He even took to communicating with Big Brother in Morse Code.

Orlaith and Kemal are up for eviction.

Tues 26th July - A cute little kitten made a brief appearance in the Big Brother House in return for the housemates successfully completing a mime task. This week, nominations took a twist, and the housemates had to vote for who they wanted to stay instead. Below are the results:

Anthony - Craig and Makosi
Craig - Anthony and Orlaith
Derek - Eugene and Kemal
Eugene - Craig and Derek
Kemal - Derek and Makosi
Makosi - Eugene and Anthony
Orlaith - Anthony and Craig

Sat 23rd July - After irritating all the housemates, Science has been voted out by the public. On leaving his final words to the housemates were, "Whichever one of you wins it, don't spend the money foolishly". It was a very close vote, with Science getting only half a percent more votes than Orlaith. You could tell that Science was pretty disappointed to be out, with no chance of winning the money. "Have you got any regrets?", Davina asked "That I'm not in there still" said Science.

Thurs 21st July - Science has been getting to all of the housemates. Derek said "Now I know why he talks to himself, it's because no-one will talk to him". Orlaith has said she's feeling claustrophobic and sick, and wants to go so that she can see her family. She told Science "You deserve to stay, you're a determined character." Makosi thinks she's bluffing.

Both Kemal and Derek have been feeling a bit frisky, with Kemal asking whether the cameramen are filming naked, and trying to chat up Big Brother in the diary room.

Craig has been getting tearful again and hiding under his duvet. He's been having some heart to hearts with Anthony, but Anthony told him "I don't want to hear you say you fancy me".

Weds 20th July - The Big Brother housemates had a dog training task. Kemal was a trainer, and Science had to play his dog. Needless to say, Science didn't like being bossed about by Kemal, wouldn't do as Kemal said and got banished to the dog house (the loft) for his troubles.

The housemates also had to perform a duck herding task, but Science took too long, so they failed their weekly task and have just £1 each to live on next week.

The eviction nominations were:
Anthony - Science & Orlaith
Craig - Science & Makosi
Derek - Science & Orlaith
Eugene - Science &Orlaith
Kemal - Science & Orlaith
Makosi - Kemal & Derek
Orlaith - Kemal & Derek
Science - Craig & Derek

Tues 19th July - In a quiz from Derek and Kemal, the other housemates have revealed that they aren't the brightest people on Earth. Orlaith couldn't give the name the Irish Parliament (not particularly impressive for a Northern Irish lass), and Craig couldn't name the US President before George Bush. Orlaith has been in tears as she is missing her family, and was overjoyed to hear she is up for eviction against Science.

Mon 18th July - All the housemates seemed to enjoy the task where they were only allowed to communicate through singing. They won a tennis set for their trouble. Science incurred the housemates' wrath again by cooking himself some mince, with all the other housemates thinking he took more than his fair share. Craig was particularly upset, and had a shouting match with Science in the garden.

Orlaith has been unpopular with Kemal and Makosi, and Orlaith has told Big Brother she has been finding things stressful and just wants to leave.

Craig and Science had a late night shouting match. Science's arguing technique appears to be to speak so quickly and loudly that no one else can get a word in, as Anthony keeps telling him. However, of all the housemates, Craig seems best at counteracting Science, and once Craig gets going he's quite a force to be reckoned with, "[Science] thinks he's great because he beat Maxwell. With him, you should walk out of the room. He needs the attention. If he's not got the stage he's nothing." Derek has said strong words of Science "He's the only other black person I have met that I feel capable of hating." Strong words indeed Del boy.

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Sun 17th July - We're just watching Big Brother live on Freeview, and it seems that everybody is falling out tonight. Kemal and Makosi had a big argument when Kemal told her "Do what you're doing to everybody else, but don't do it to me." Makosi didn't like that one bit, and told Kemal to get off her bed. Anthony and Craig are having an argument with Science, telling him, "You're a handful to live with". They've been accusing Science of taking too much food.

Fri 15th July - In a high drama eviction it was Makosi and Vanessa who were subjected to the vote by their fellow housemates. Despite Makosi saying she wanted to go, it was an emotional Vanessa that was evicted after being voted for by nearly all of the other housemates. Kemal was one of the last to vote, by which time Vanessa was in tears, and in what might have been a sympathy vote, he opted for Makosi.

Weds 13th July - Big Brother has lied to the housemates, telling them that Anthony, Craig and Kemal are up for eviction, when in actual fact it is everyone but these three up for eviction. Anthony, Craig and Kemal were the only ones to nominate yesterday and therefore escaped the public vote.

Today the housemates had a beauty pageant, which Kemal seemed to be enjoying. Craig, or should we say Miss Russia, managed to win it.

Tues 12th July - Kemal is suspicious of Makosi, thinking she may be a Big Brother insider, and therefore decided to nominate her.

Derek thinks Anthony is gay but hasn't come out of the closet yet. According to Derek, Anthony is bottling up his true sexual orientation, and he can only be with women when he is drunk.

This week the public will nominate who is up for eviction, but it will be the housemates who actually choose who goes, live on Friday night.

Mon 11th July - Makosi was in a mischevious mood in the garden when the housemates were sunbathing. Despite the protestations of Craig and a topless Orlaith, Makosi gave them a dousing with the hosepipe. Orlaith wasn't at all pleased, saying "I can't stand it, it puts me in a mood".

Orlaith asked science whether he had a girlfriend. Science told her he hadn't at the moment, but that he had lady acquaintances so he could make a "booty call" when necessary.

The task was to clean the house, but Kemal was let off as he was ill with a stomach bug. On successful completion, the reward was a chinese meal, but Kemal only got a bowl of clear soup. He obviously wanted Chinese food and had to start chanting "I do not want Chinese food, I do not want Chinese food."

Makosi, Orlaith and Vanessa were discussing Derek in the loft. Makosi thinks he had some money as his clothes are not rags, but she thinks they're not of a wealthy man's style. Makosi initially thought Derek was a plant and thinks he's very clever. Makosi says "I think he desperately wants to win."

Anthony called Eugene a "Text book geek" and added "he's not the type of guy I would hang around with in the outside world".

The housemates have to decide whether to nominate in evictions or not. Big Brother has lied to them telling them it is optional to nominate between 6am and 9am. In actual fact, anyone who doesn't nominate will automatically be up for eviction.

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Fri 8th July - Maxwell lost out to Science in the eviction tonight, receiving 57% of the vote. The chirpy cockney was visibly shocked to be beaten by his bitter rival, and struggled to keep it together. He obviously wasn't expecting to go. Whilst the football fan was very popular amongst many viewers, some of his bullying behaviour also upset a lot of people, and this was his downfall. The girls were pleased to see him go. Still, at least he has the curvy Saskia to console him when he gets out. When we last checked up on the house, Science was swaggering around, a little the worse for wear from the earlier party, cigar in hand, evidently rather pleased about his victory. Big Brother had provided music and drink for the party, and Eugene had taken the opportunity to have a little dance with Makosi. Most of the girls had dressed up for the party, and the colour of the evening appeared to be pink.

Weds 6th July - Makosi discovered that Maxwell sleeps with a pair of Saskia's knickers under his pillow. Maxwell is obviously missing the buxom lass.

Tues 5th July - Big Brother nominations time again. Kemal nominated Maxwell, calling him a vile pig and a male chauvinist. Kemal thinks Maxwell picks on people.

Makosi nominated Orlaith because she felt she was weak and all she could do was use her body, and didn't like the fact that she was competing with her for Anthony. Makosi also nominated Maxwell, feeling he picked on people because he wasn't happy in himself.

Makosi has asked Big Brother for a pregnancy test, concerned that she might be pregnant after her dalliance with Anthony in the hot tub. Makosi said she would be happy if she was pregnant, because she'd been quite broody for the last few months. However, she also added, "I would never look upon a child as a mistake, as they are a gift from God, but I would be disappointed in myself." If she is pregnant, she won't be telling Anthony though.

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Mon 4th July - Makosi was up at 6.30am after her romp with Anthony the night before. Anthony got up early too for a quick chat with Makosi and tried the old "I can't remember anything" line. Makosi told him they didn't have sex. Anthony later remembered that he had been touching Orlaith's boobs. Makosi said "I just need the ground to open and swallow me".

Craig had got upset that Anthony had left him and Maxwell. Anthony apologised to Craig saying he was a nightmare when he was drunk, "That stupid, drunken Geordie idiot is what they'll be thinking" Anthony said. However, Craig had taken the opportunity to snog Orlaigh as well.

Maxwell was enjoying winding Makosi and Orlaigh up about their antics, saying "Your mothers are both proud of you." Vanessa was just excited by all the gossip.

The house has now been transformed into a holiday camp. Vanessa, Orlaigh and Makosi are responsible for all cooking and cleaning. Maxwell was absolutely loving the task.

Eugene told us how he put a circuit board video camera in the dishwasher and then made a recording as it completed the dishwashing process. The expression on Maxwell's face told us he thought this was pretty tragic.

Kemal was having a bad day and missing his parents. People tell him he's so brave to wear ladies shoes, etc. Kemal thinks he is the most unique person in the house and is sick of the other housemates. However, currently he's wondering what he's going to do with his life and is really scared.

Sun 3rd July - The big event over the weekend was the naked pool party last night. Makosi had said she wanted to get a snog from Maxwell, whereas Irish stunner Orlaigh had her sights set on Geordie Anthony. Despite both Makosi and Orlaigh losing their bikini tops, Maxwell managed to resist temptation, as he doesn't want to ruin his chances with Saskia. Meanwhile a slightly drunk Anthony made the most of the situation, losing all his clothes and getting very up close and personal with Makosi, and also getting his hands on Orlaigh.

In the latest task, Orlaigh, Makosi and Vanessa have to act as holiday reps, doing all the cooking and cleaning. Needless to say, the boys have been making the most of it, making the girls pander to their every whim. Whilst the girls were pleased the uniform was pink, it's certainly not as nice as their usual clothes. Orlaigh looked worn out with all the cheese on toast she had to make for Maxwell this evening, but the boys had no sympathy.

Fri 1st July - Maxwell and Saskia have had a big row with Kemal, who found their their kissing in the bedroom an ordeal. Saskia was called a prostitute by Vanessa, who Saskia can't stand.

Saskia says Maxwell is boyfriend material, but that no-one in the house thinks she likes him.

Anthony was thrilled to find out Orlaigh has four sisters, two of which are twins. Orlaigh asked him"What sort of girls do you go for?", Anthony replied"You're textbook". Anthony also said he'd give his girlfriend the money for a boob job.

Saskia was evicted from the house, and was booed by the crowd. When asked by Davina whether she was worried about Maxwell chasing Orlaith, Saskia said it should be allright, "Why have cheeseburger when you can have steak".

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